Architect the organization to be prepared for the "unknown". 


Make it difficult and noisy as much as possible for the attacker, decrease the adversary's ROI. [www.highvaluetarget.org]


The security controls of today don't protect you against the attacks of tomorrow. [www.highvaluetarget.org]

Complexity is the enemy of good security.


Cyber Resilience is about factoring in two key threat modelling aspects: 1) advanced adversaries (APT) with 2) potentially annhilihating impact to the whole organization. [www.highvaluetarget.org]

Cyber Resilience addresses primarily the risk reduction around magnitude of impact, i.e. restricting the blast-radius under assume-breach conditions.

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We are a research firm that specializes in designing methodologies aimed at significantly increasing an organization’s cyber resilience posture against sophisticated cyber threats. We are actively engaged in leading cybersecurity communities and collaborate with best-in-class peers such as MITRE, ISSA, FIRST, NIST, OASIS Open.