The High Value Target (HVT) methodology allows practitioners to fine-tune existing business impact assessments and therefore focus on what’s most critical: designing and engineering cyber resilience system-of-systems to ensure survivability of essential functions during a coordinated, destructive cyberattack. It has been developed by highly-qualified experts with years of experience managing incident response and crisis events for complex global organizations. It helps organizations get the fundamentals right on from the very start of their risk management framework and then build on it with a cyber resilience risk strategy which has HVTs at its core. Once HVTs are identified, secured and continuously governed, an organization’s cyber resilience posture is significantly increased.

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We are a research firm that specializes in designing methodologies aimed at significantly increasing an organization’s cyber resilience posture against sophisticated cyber threats. We are actively engaged in leading cybersecurity communities and collaborate with best-in-class peers such as MITRE, ISSA, FIRST, NIST, OASIS Open.