High Value Target Methodology (HVTM)

Our methodology was coined in 2019 and saw the daylight in 2022 when we decided to present it at key global cybersecurity communities like MITRE, FS-ISAC, ISSA, ISACA, United Nations International Telecommunication Union, FIRST, Asia-Pacific CERT, Africa CERT, World Economic Forum, Sheltered Harbor, Purple Hats, OASIS Open.  

HVTM is a proposal for an add-on to existing methodologies in the field to significantly increase an organization’s cyber resilience posture against advanced adversaries by accounting for the value that these threat actors place on a given asset instead of solely focusing on the asset’s value from a business criticality or informational value perspective. This methodology is an overlay to Special Publication NIST 800-160 , MITRE Cyber Resiliency Engineering Framework and tied to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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We are a research firm that specializes in designing methodologies aimed at significantly increasing an organization’s cyber resilience posture against sophisticated cyber threats. We are actively engaged in leading cybersecurity communities and collaborate with best-in-class peers such as MITRE, ISSA, FIRST, NIST, OASIS Open.